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J.J. Abrams Predicts Mark Hamill Will Be In Running For Academy Award Next Year By Ciaran Duggan, J.J. Abrams, director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has said that he expects Mark Hamill will be in the running fo...

Figures and Speech: Building Bandai’s STAR WARS Rogue One X-Wing Fighter Kit Welcome to Figures & Speech, Nerdist’s regular column by, for, and about grown-ups who still play with their toys but might want to know more before they buy. From product reviews to informed editorials, these are most definitely the articles that

JJ Abrams On Screening The Force Awakens for Terminally Ill Fans On Thursday at the Bad Robots headquarters, J.J. Abrams hosted the 12th Annual Oscar Wilde Awards...

TPM Tribute Art The Box Office Artist has been doing a series of artwork in tribute to the various Star Wars films for ANH’s 40th anniversary. Here’s the fourth one in the series, a tribute to TPM...

"Force Cult" Episode 89: Attack Of The Clones Special Sponsored by LootCrate* Far from a diplomatic solution, Travis, Jeordie, Jip & Jenmarie engage in aggressive negotiations over Attack of the Clones. Between analyzing the hormone-driven decisions of Anakin or the whereabouts of Padme’s first kiss,

J.J. Abrams has something to say about his Star Wars fandom J.J. Abrams is a Star Wars fan before he is a director or a producer. He recently spoke about his fandom and the upcoming Han Solo movie with Fox News. A l...

Someone Edited Star Wars To Give R2-D2 Dialogue, And It’s Hilarious Unlike his counterpart C-3PO, R2-D2 is forced to communicate through a series of beeps that somehow everyone but the viewer can understand. If you ever wondered what R2 was saying all this time check out this fan-edit of A New Hope, complete with dro

EA News: Star Wars Battlefront 2 2017 plans, Battlefield 1 DLC update, FIFA 17 Bundesliga EA NEWS this week includes a Star Battlefront 2 2017 update, Battlefield 1 DLC plans and the FIFA 17 Bundesliga update.

Rogue One VFX Video Gives Us a Better Look at the Jedha “Camel” Creatures! BBC Click” visited ILM’s headquarters in London, trying to get some details on the filming of Rogue One and how director Gareth Edwards approached the VFX work. The clip that they showed gave us an unexpected revelation, that many of you perhaps

2017 'Star Wars' Celebration Poster Revealed; The New Chewbacca Shares a Message We're rounding up the best shareable content of the week, including the official 2017 Star Wars Celebration poster and a message from the new Chewbacca!

New Star Wars: Rebels Clip Teases the Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth Maul Standoff! A new Rebels preview clip was aired last night during the premiere of the latest episode “Through Imperial Eyes”. The clip features many scenes from previous episodes, but also has some never before seen shots from the series, including the culmi

Expect A New Main X-Men Title And Star Wars Title Announced Soon – ECCC? Bleeding Cool News Expect A New Main X-Men Title And Star Wars Title Announced Soon – ECCC? Bleeding Cool News Such as the word from Marvel Comics last week at their ComcisPRO meeting that comic book retailers could look forward to a new main X-Men

Darth Vader is getting hitched! Griffins game sees Star Wars proposal Darth Vader, along with some help of the fans, proposed to his girlfriend during Star Wars Night at the Griffins game on Saturday night.

Rebels Recon: Through Imperial Eyes Rebels checks back in with Thrawn and Kallus in ‘Through Imperial Eyes.’ On Recon, Andi interviews Pablo Hidalgo, Henry Gilroy, Dave Filoni, Kilian Plunkett and Freddie Prinze Jr. Plus...

Classic Art: A Tribute To Berkey Magnificently capturing the flavour and atmosphere of John Berkey's superb work for the STAR WARS saga - his never used poster concepts th...

'star Wars' At 40: "boring Conversation Anyway!" He knows he can only bluff so much when speaking to the confused Imperial officer on the other end of the line, so Han Solo does what he ...

Trials of the Darksaber What did you think of the Plot? BEAVeR: Rebels is like a box of you never know which one you’re gonna get. One week, you’re watching a pretty bad episode, the next week you...

On This Day: February 26, 2014 By Ciaran Duggan, Variety first revealed that Adam Driver would play the villain in Star Wars: The Force Awakens on this day in 2014...

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Through Imperial Eyes” + Rebels Recon. What Did You Think? After arguably two of the best episodes of the series, Star Wars: Rebels follows up with yet another great episode. This episode is Kallus-centered and we get indications of where his story is going. Is Kallus outed as Fulcrum? Does Kallus get execut

The IPC Podcast LIVE #134 Top Five Duos On this episode, Ben and Zac are joined by their good friend Jake Damon to discuss their top five favorite duos. But first, they start of...

Through Imperial Eyes: Thrawn’s Return Makes the Case for Mara Jade When the Star Wars Rebels Season Three trailer played at Celebration London, you could feel the energy in the room. The slow build of teasing images leading up to Thrawn's ultimate reveal left the crowd exhilarated. Of course, other things excited fa

New Tees From George Shot First New tees from George Shot First’s Power To The Prequels line recall “V For Vendetta” and Banksy: Perfect for heck-raising at SWCO! Order for mens and ladies here.

Star Wars Rebels: Rebels Recon for "Through Imperial Eyes" SPOILERS*** for the Star Wars Rebels episode, ‘Through Imperial Eyes.” Fearing that the Empire is about the discover the true identity of the rebel spy known as Fulcrum, Ezra gets himself captured with the hope of rescuing Agent Kallus. The plan

Smuggler’s Bounty: ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Trailer is Here Funko debuted a new promotional trailer for the upcoming Smuggler’s Bounty box in the latest episode of The Star Wars Show. March’s theme is Star Wars Rebels, so the trailer featured Ez...

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